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Body&Soul Ticketing & Entrance Manager

Employer Body&Soul Festival
Job Type CREATIVE MANAGEMENT & SUPPORT ROLES Arts Administration Event Management
Location Dublin and the East The Midlands
Specific Location Dublin and Westmeath
Salary €4,250 to €5,000 for the contract depending on experience.
Closing Date Wednesday 24th January at 12 noon.



The Body&Soul Ticketing & Entrance Manager is part of the Body&Soul Festival team both in the lead up to the Festival and onsite. Since 2010 The Body&Soul Festival has run annually in the grounds of Ballinlough Castle, Co. Westmeath, growing in size each year to a planned 15,000 when it will take place next on Summer Solstice in 2018.

Reporting to the General Manager, the Ticketing & Entrance Manager is responsible for managing the Festival’s Ticketing System, Ticketbooth and managing all entrance points to the Festival which includes managing the scanning system across the Festival site. The Ticketing & Entrance Manager works closely with the Accreditation Officer to ensure smooth and efficient customer, staff and artist access to the Festival site.

Reports​ ​to​: General Manager
Direct​ ​Reports:​ ​Accreditation Officer, Box Office Staff, Scanning Staff, Entrance Managers, Supervisors and Volunteers
Key​ ​Liaison​ ​with:​ ​Festival Director, General Manager, Event Operations Manager, Marketing & Sponsorship Manager, Accreditation Officer, Assistant Accreditation Officer, Accreditation Team, Volunteers Manager.


Responsibility​ ​includes:
● Be the B&S main point of contact with B&S ticketing provider, Ticketbooth.
● Setting up all ticket types on Ticketbooth in consultation with the Marketing & Sponsorship Manager.
● Ensuring that all ticket related communications for the public, staff and artist are correct and communicated within agreed timelines.
● Ensuring that Terms & Conditions for all tickets are correct.
● Manage any ancillary information and communications regarding tickets that may need to be provided in the event of unforeseen changes or alterations.
● Ensure that information on ticketing on B&S website and other partner websites is correctly displayed and communicated.
● Ensure that Customer FAQs are reviewed and updated in a timely manner.
● Ensure that ticketing queries are redirected to Ticketbooth’s 24-hour customer care.
● Manage the work of the Accreditation Officer in relation to the distribution of all non-public tickets.
● Sign off on design and copy of, and order any hard copy tickets required.
● Oversee the Administrator/Resident Liaison’s distribution of tickets to relevant stakeholders where appropriate (eg Residents).
● Responsible for name change policy and how this operates; and relevant communication to stakeholders.
● Deliver sales or box office related reports when required.
● Manage entrance team staffing budget, catering and any ancillary expenses.
● Liaise with Ticketbooth in relation to event requirements infrastructure and Production schedule.
● Liaise with Event Operations Manager regarding the location of Box Offices, Lock Ups and the design of the layout of all entry points/gates to the Festival.
● Review final event requirements and drawings for the above in conjunction with the Event Operations Manager prior to sign off.
● Propose signage for all gates and submit order in conjunction with Event Operations Manager.
● Site visit to sign off on final locations and execution.
● Delivery of relevant Production Schedules to Event Operations Manager.
● Design all rosters in accordance with hours of operation confirmed by the Event Operations Manager (pre, during and post event).
● Staff recruitment for Ticketing & Entrance teams including: Box Office, Scanning Staff, Entrance Managers, Supervisors and Volunteers.
● Recruitment and vet all Volunteers on behalf of scanning, entrance staff etc.
● Ensure safe delivery of wristband stock to site.
● Devise a robust stock control system for all wristband stock.
● Ensure compliance with B&S financial operating procedures.
● Utilise and input into B&S project management system.

● Manage all entry points to the Festival at all Gates and troubleshoot any issues thatarise.
● Oversee Ticketbooth’s onsite box office team.
● Ensure that Entrance Managers, Scanning Staff and Volunteers have been trained accordingly.
● Ensure that correct signage is in place for all box offices and entrance points when onsite.
● Sign off on set up of entrance points to ensure that agreed plan has been executed on behalf of all design of box office and entrance management.
● Manage a robust stock control system for wristband stock and ensure a daily reconciliation is completed.
● Onsite Box Office end of day cash up, reconciliation and lodgement.
● Monitor staff welfare of accreditation team.
● Be familiar the with Festival’s channel listings, procedures and protocols for using radios and adhere to same.

Post​ ​Festival
● Deal with all post event ticketing queries.
● Debrief with Accreditation team to capture learnings.
● Provide a summary and analysis of the 2018 Festival from a Ticketing and Entrance management perspective and make recommendations based on this experience.



Skills​ ​and​ ​Experience
● Previous experience of entrance management at large scale outdoor events.
● Planning and organisation with excellent attention to detail.
● Analytical thinker with problem solving skills.
● Strong communication skills.
● A friendly communicator with customer service approach.
● Aptitude for reading visual plans/representations.
● Experience in staff management and coaching skills.
● Deliver the job with highest levels of confidentiality.
● Detailed knowledge of Ticketing systems.
● Computer literacy including good working knowledge of Google Drive.
● Learning agility for project management software.
● Team player.
● Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-pressured environment.

This is a contract for services which will require a commitment of 26 days from January to July (per schedule agreed with Body&Soul), including 7 days on site for Body&Soul Festival in June.

Rate: €4,250 to €5,000 for the contract depending on experience.


Please submit your CV along with a cover letter outlining your suitability for this role to [email protected] by Wednesday 24th January at 12 noon.

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